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Water Quality

The quality of potable water is governed by the National Water Act, (Act No 36 of 1998). The National Standard to which drinking water in South Africa must comply is SANS 241. To ensure that standards are met, thousands of analyses on raw and potable water are done annually. Overall compliance of drinking water with SANS 241 is key to Midvaal.

Routine microbiological monitoring includes sampling of raw water and treated water for heterotrophic plate counts, total and faecal coliforms, Escherichia coli, coliphages, viruses, Vibrio cholera and protozoan parasites (Giardia and Cryptosporidium). Experts at the Department of Medical Virology at the University of Pretoria and the CSIR are contracted for the more specialised investigations of coliphages, viruses and parasites. Midvaal╩╝s microbiology laboratory participates in inter-laboratory comparison studies/proficiency testing schemes to ensure reliable results in this field. The results for these analyses bear testimony to the fact that the Midvaal purification process inactivates these harmful micro-organisms and that the drinking water is safe for human consumption.

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