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Blue Drop Award 2012

Blue Drop Status

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City of Matlosana and Midvaal Water Company joint recipients of The Blue Drop Award

The DWA introduced the Blue Drop Certification programme in 2009 for the management of drinking water quality.

It is a matter of great pleasure and pride to report that the City of Matlosana and Midvaal Water Company were jointly awarded the Blue Drop Certification Award by the Minister of Water Affairs in Cape Town on 30 June 2011.  The Blue Drop certification assesses a wide range of factors to determine excellence in the management and distribution of potable water such as water safety planning; incident response management, process control, maintenance and management skills; credibility of sample analysis; drinking water quality compliance; assets management etc.

In the words of the Minister, “Blue Drop Certification should be deemed as the Cum Laude or distinction of drinking water quality management, recognition for exceptional performance.  This would imply that it exceeds acceptable standards and should not be equated to a pass mark.”  In fact, a minimum score of 95% is required to show compliance on each assessment criteria.

The award is remarkable as only three municipalities in the North West Province qualified to receive Blue Drop Certification

Midvaal and Matlosana worked together to meet the compliance requirements of the Blue Drop Certification through their Joint Technical Forum.  Special initiatives were undertaken to improve the water safety planning process resulting in a comprehensive Water Safety Plan for the KOSH region.  Midvaal Water Company assisted the Council in the capturing of water sample results on the DWA’s Blue Drop System.  Full scores were received in case of six of the eight aspects of assessments with bonus points for extraordinary performance.

Both institutions are committed and geared for continuous improvement in the water quality management to achieve excellence and maintain and sustain their current performance.  In a bid to meet these objectives, Midvaal Water Company is currently busy refurbishing one of its filtration processes at a cost of around R 50 million to deal with the ever deteriorating quality of water in the Vaal River System.  The Company has a planned capital expenditure and major maintenance programme of over R 450 million over the next ten years to refurbish its old and aging infrastructure and show excellence in assets management.  Similarly, the Council also has major programmes regarding infrastructure and is fully committed to improve its service delivery and performance standards.

Our thanks and gratitude are due to the Board of Midvaal Water Company for taking special interest in ensuring that the objective of Blue Drop Certification is achieved during 2011.  Similarly, the role played by the Mayoral Committee of City of Matlosana is also acknowledged in making this achievement possible. Notwithstanding, it is equally important to recognise the dedication and commitment of the teams of the two institutions managing and operating the water treatment and distribution systems for making this achievement possible.  Special mention needs to be made of the Environmental Health Department of the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, who played a significant role in the monitoring of water quality in the catchment.

This award is also a testimony to the fact that the tap water in the region is safe to drink.  We wish to remind the public that tap water is the wisest and the safest option, particularly in the prevailing economic climate.


In the interest of promoting awareness of water and associated  aspects, we suggest that you also visit the DWA website for more information: