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Midvaal celebrates more than 5 decades!

Midvaal Water Company was initially registered on 30 August 1954 under the Companies Act as  a private company called the Western Transvaal Regional Water Company. At present, it is a public company with limited liability in terms of its status. The management contract with Gencor came to an end in 1998 when Gencor unbundled. The Company then became autonomous and started operating independently. The name was also changed to Midvaal Water Company in 1998.


Midvaal’s primary purpose was to abstract and treat water from the Vaal River in order to supply its mining and other consumers in the Klerksdorp-Orkney-Stilfontein-Hartbeestfontein (KOSH) Area. Shares were held by the sponsoring mining companies. Today, the Company is governed by a Board of Directors who are nominated by the major consumers and there are no shareholders. The Board of Midvaal is fully committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and embraces the principles of accountability, credibility and transparency.

At its inception, funds were made available by the Anglo American Corporation for the construction of the infrastructure.   The Company has eventually managed to remain debt free and secured a position to finance all its capital and maintenance projects from internally generated funds.


The capacity of the plant was increased in phases to meet growing demands. The current operational capacity is 250 mega litres per day – more than adequate to meet the demands of municipal and industrial consumers in the KOSH Area, now and in the future. Plans are being made to take water to the indigent areas in the Western and Central parts of the North West Province in future.

More advanced treatment processes were added over the past number of years due to the increase in the pollution load of the Vaal River. Examples include a dual stage ozonation process and a dissolved air flotation plant.

To achieve operational excellence and to conserve energy, the Company saves electricity primarily through intelligent pumping and load control. Further savings are achieved through the use of ESKOMʼs time-of-use tariff system and participation in their National DSM Project. Power conservation is a key strategy due to the prevailing situation. A power factor correction project has also been implemented successfully in support of national energy management initiatives.


Apart from the supply of bulk potable water, the Company also provides additional services that include the following:

  • Operation and Maintenance services for Potable Water and Waste Water Treatment works
  • Maintenance of reservoirs, pipeline and reservoirs.

The accredited laboratory is a preferred and trusted service provider for the analysis of water from a variety of sources. Scientific advice is also provided on process efficiency and optimisation, evaluation of the fitness for use of various types of water, pollution aspects, etc.

Capital Projects

Current capital projects include the establishment of an efficient Enterprise Asset Management System, the development of a model for the hydraulic system, a refurbishment plan for the entire distribution network and an operational improvement plan for the major treatment processes, refurbishment of the North Filters, the replacement of sections of pipelines and acquisition of appropriate new technology to improve processes and operations.


Of major importance are our employees and the unleashing of their potential to be capable and adequately skilled to aptly perform their duties. This has inevitably lead to the development of the unique Perform-Develop-Succeed Excel initiative. In addition, the vision, mission and values reflect the main focus areas of the Company.

Midvaal would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all our consumers, suppliers and clients for their support and continued.

The Midvaal Water Company is committed to delivering the best quality drinking water to suit the requirements of all its clients and will remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of water system protection, water conservation and effective service delivery.